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Car Reg – Personalise Yours!

Car Reg - Personalise Yours

A new car reg may not be something you’ve ever considered, but a growing number of people are coming to to change their nondescript number plates for something more personal. Many are still unaware that according to the DVLA private number plates are legal in the UK as long as they conform to the relevant rules and standards.

Even the owners of some of the most conspicuously customised vehicles seem to have missed the obvious at first. We’ve all seen those small hatchbacks with their wide exhaust pipes, deafening sound systems, spoilers and body styling – but, surprisingly, until recently the majority of this new breed of custom car fans seemed content to make do with the bland car registrations issued to their vehicles when they were first registered. That is changing, however, and the fashion for sporting the most eye-catching registration is sweeping the country.

If you have a personalised car reg we’d like to hear from you. is always eager to feature number plate stories from our customers and Internet visitors. If you have the time to snap a couple of pictures of your pride and joy, and to write us a few paragraphs telling us about your personal car reg we’d be delighted to take a look. As well as a possible spot on our website there is a chance we might like to feature your story in our great, full colour magazine which is read by hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, our magazine is one of the highest circulation magazines in the UK so you could become pretty famous!

So, if you’d like to share the story behind your plates, please email us at