Regtransfers DVLA auction bidding service

Regtransfers has been bidding and winning at the DVLA private plates auction for decades. For a fee of just 10% of the hammer price, we will act as your agent at the auction to bid on your behalf and to keep you up to date with developments.

How the bidding service works

We don't just bid by telephone or online, we send experienced staff to the auction in person. We provide expert advice before the auction starts, as well as us calling you from the auction so you can listen to the bidding and speak to our expert as the sale is going on!

Here's an example to show how the costs are worked out.

NB: Although we have applied a guideline price of £5000 to the example registration, you can, of course, choose to bid higher than the guideline price to maximise your chance of success. However, if the number sells at auction for less than the guideline price you will pay less. For example:

Guideline price estimated by Regtransfers £5000
Hammer Price £5000
Auctioneer's Buyer's Premium (8%) £400
Our fee (10%) £500
VAT on hammer price and fees £1180
DVLA assignment fee £80
Total £7160
Guideline price estimated by Regtransfers £5000
Hammer Price £3000
Auctioneer's Buyer's Premium (8%) £240
Our Fee (10%) £300
VAT on hammer price and fees £708
DVLA Assignment Fee £80
Total £4328

Why use our service?

Experience is the key

Our auction team has unequalled experience of the DVLA auction. Regtransfers is the only dealer to to have physically attended every single auction since they started in 1989. Our success rate is high: Regtransfers wins more lots at DVLA auction than any other dealer.

Reliability is essential

Regtransfers staff remain at the auction from when bidding begins on the very first lot to when the hammer falls on the very last. Unlike other dealers, we don't depend on unreliable phone or internet connections to place our bids.

Personal service

If you want, our team will speak to you from the auction and will offer updates, options and advice in real time. If you decide to increase your maximum bid halfway through the sale of a lot, that's no problem. You'll even be able to hear bids as they are placed in the saleroom.

Join the thousands of people whose private registrations we have secured at DVLA auction

Our signature plates couldn’t be better. It’s actually difficult to find something that spells exactly what you want, but Regtransfers delivered our ideal registrations, not once but twice! They’re a real topic of conversation when people see us and I’m certain that they help us raise our profile and promote the business.

Sally Pickes - Owner/Manager, The Bowgie Inn

Photo showing the two number plates aqcuired for The Bowgie Inn

The numbers displayed on this page will be made available for sale at auction on the 15 May 2020

These numbers have never been issued before, so this is a fantastic opportunity to become the first owner of a desirable registration.

While it will be possible to bid online during the auction, internet bidding has proven unreliable and unpredictable. For this reason, Regtransfers auction specialists attend the auctions to bid in person in the sale room itself. In its 35 years or purchasing quality cherished registrations, Regtransfers has attended every DVLA auction. Our experience and record of success are unequalled.

We are confident that our in-person bidding service represents your best chance of winning the number you want at auction. In addition to the benefits of having our expert staff bidding on your behalf, you may also take advantage of our specialist advice on auction pricing, reserves etc.

The Regtransfers auction bidding service offers you a greatly increased chance of success. Our fee is 10% of the hammer price if we successfully acquire your registration for you, and you only pay if we secure your number.

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