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Number Plates Auction - Selling Numbers  

You are not currently logged in. In order to list your registration mark in the Regtransfers Auction, you must first log in or register for an auction account. For help on registering or if you are having problems logging in, please click here for help.

Why use the Regtransfers Auction?

The Regtransfers number plates auction is the only online auction facility in the UK dedicated to the sale of registration numbers which draws upon over 30 years industry experience to deliver a safe and secure service. When a registration is entered into the auction, we will notify all our database matches that the number has been entered into the auction, enticing them to enter bids in an attempt to win your registration mark.

We understand that with all the rules and regulations governing the transfer of registration marks, it can be a daunting experience for customers unfamiliar with the industry. We aim to offer the most straightforward, most secure and best overall online registration number plates auction experience in the UK.

How to sell in the Regtransfers Auction

You can start selling registration numbers in the auction once you have completed these simple steps:


Register for a Regtransfers Auction account. (Click here for help on this step.)

Step 1

If you have not given us permission to advertise a number already, you will need to submit your registration mark for a valuation. (If you already have a number being advertised with us you can ignore this step.) This is part of our quality control to check that registration marks entered are valid UK numbers and you are aware of what we think your number can achieve in the current market. You will not be able to list a registration mark in the auction until we have provided you with a valuation and you have given us permission to advertise it. Click here to request a valuation or here for help on this step. Once you have received a valuation and given us permission to advertise the mark you can move on to the next step.

Step 2

Once you have received a valuation and given us permission to advertise the mark, log in to your Regtransfers account and go to "Auctions" and "Sell". Please note that we match Regtransfers Auction users' email addresses to their registration valuation email addresses.

Step 3

The listing page should appear where you can enter the details of the auction listing. You have the option to add a starting price and a reserve price, as well as choosing the start time and date and auction duration of 7, 10 and 14 days. You can also choose to use premium options such as "Featured Listing" and "Buy It Now". Please note, however, that these optional extras will add additional costs to the listing fee.

Step 4

Once your number has been listed, the auction will run from the start time and date and duration set by you. Once the auction ends, you will receive an email stating that the auction has ended and if somebody was successful in winning your plate. The highest bidder will have 7 days to complete the purchase and pay the balance. When that has happened we will confirm the sale. (Click here for help with this step.) If the number did not sell in the auction, you may still be able to offer it out for the highest bid. For more information on this, click here.

Step 5

When the buyer has paid the balance, we will email you to confirm the sale. Please forward your documents to us as soon as possible. Once we have valid documents from the buyer and seller, we will start the transfer from your vehicle.

Step 6

Once the transfer has been done, you will receive new documents bearing your new registration mark and we will issue payment minus the selling fee. Congratulations, you have completed the sale of your registration number!