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Buying Numbers  

Why use the Regtransfers Auction?

Our number plates auction is a great way to find a new personal registration at a bargain price. You are in complete control of your bids and so you need never risk exceeding your budget. offers oustanding security in online transactions. Our strict compliance with the requirements of the PCI security standard set by the major credit card companies means that we have protected our online sales and auction facilities with extraordinary technical and procedural measures. Our goal is to provide great security, a great user experience and great service.

How to buy in the Regtransfers Auction

You can start bidding on registration numbers currently in the auction once you have completed these simple steps:

Step 1

Register for a Regtransfers Auction account.
(Click here for help on this step).

Step 2

Log in to your account and browse through the available numbers. When you have found a number you like, simply click on "Bid" to go to the bidding page. (Click here for help with this step.)

Step 3

Keep an eye on the auction, paying special attention to the auction end time. Once the auction ends, the person with the highest bid wins. If that's you, congratulations you've won the number! A deposit will be automatically taken and you now have 7 days to log in to your auction account and pay the remaining balance. (Click here for help with this step.)

Step 4

Some registration numbers may be marked "Buy it Now". These are available to buy immediately, bypassing the bidding system. For more information on "Buy it Now" numbers, click here.

Step 5

Once you have logged in and paid the balance, you will receive a confirmation email requesting your vehicle documents. Please forward these to us as soon as possible as once we have valid documents from the buyer and seller we will start the transfer to your vehicle.

Step 6

Once the transfer has been done, you will receive new documents bearing your new registration mark. Don't forget to inform your insurance company of the change in registration number!