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Anti-Theft Plate Screws

Police in England have advised motorists to use newly developed anti-theft screws on their number plates. The new screws are impossible to remove without the correct tool. This new initiative is another attempt by the police to crack down on the number of licence plate thefts that occur each year and several car dealerships have already pledged to fit them on all their cars.

Organised crime gangs are using the stolen plates to register stolen cars and to avoid ‘hot' cars from being detected by the police. The number of stolen license plates is on the increase and it is estimated that one registration plate is stolen every fifteen minutes. With such an alarming figure, it is surprising that the new screws are not selling as quickly as anticipated.

However, one must ask how secure the new fittings really are. It is plausible that they could not be removed without the correct tool, but what is to say that thieves could not simply use the same tool? An American designed number plate, released last summer, is removable only from inside the car boot, which seems a simple and obvious alternative.

Whether or not the anti-theft screws make an impact or not, only time will tell. Current availability seems to be somewhat limited and the price disproportionately high for what amounts to two lumps of plastic. Many may continue to take a chance on the good old screws or sticky tape than pay through the nose for this ‘peace of mind'.

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