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People are sometimes a little sceptical when we tell them that car number plates can transform the whole feel of a vehicle - but it's true! An otherwise unremarkable family saloon or hatchback can become an attention-grabbing conversation starter. We all do it: we sit in the traffic on the way to work, then we point and say to the person in the seat beside us, "Look at the plates on that Honda in front!". Quite suddenly we realise that the car number plates spell out a name or a word, and a vehicle we would never have noticed becomes memorable and takes on a character of its own. The principle applies to any car, be it a model which is striking in its own right such as an E-type Jaguar or a Ferrari, or something a little less exclusive but, no doubt, equally loved by its owner. An eye-catching registration turns heads.

This surprising quality has meant that car number plates are used by many companies as a promotional tool. One London plumbing company regularly purchases number plates from Regtransfers for just this reason. Amongst the registrations they have acquired so far are DRA 1N and BOG 1. Honestly, wouldn't those grab your attention.

It is hardly surprising, then, that many celebrities choose to raise their profile by personalising their cars in this way. If you click here to visit out testimonial page you'll see just a few of the famous customers and friends has bumped into over the years.

Another indicator of the growing popularity and wide appeal of personalised number plates is the increasingly high prices that people are prepared to pay to secure the most exclusive and eye-catching examples. The registration M 1 sold at auction in July 2006 for over £300,000, thus setting a new world record for the price paid for a personal number plate.

So, why not search for your own personalised car registrations right now? See the search box in the right hand column, or choose one of our other Car number plates search options.

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